Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Halloween

Well I am new to all of this but we will see how it goes??? Jaci and Callan had a Halloween Party at their new home this year. It was so much fun! The costumes were great they killed me. We had a great time all of our friends made it (well almost all of them... HOSS!!!!). Hoss and Ryan didn't make it out from Colorado but maybe next time. Jory and I dressed as Trailer Park Ken and Barbie. We searched for costumes this year and just could not find the right one. We finally made a decision to make our own, and it was a ton of fun! Jory didn't quiet master the puff painting (he did it way to thick so it did not dry which led to smearing) but it made his shirt perfect! I think making and planning our outfits was funner than wearing them. We are so excited that Jaci and Callan moved so close to us. Jaci made us breakfast the next

morning and it was so GOOD.