Friday, April 25, 2008

Im a

Scentsy Consultant!
Hey everyone I am selling Scentsy now! It is so wonderful, if you have never smelled Scentsy you need to! I have the spring catalog and can send you my website if you are interested. Just leave me your e-mail and I will send the link to you! I am doing a few partys next month so if you want to come and check it out, you are more than welcome! I will post the dates as soon as I know for sure. If you already have a Scentsy you can place your orders with me for your new scents! They have awesome new scents that just came out this spring!

Thursday, April 24, 2008



Well as you all know I am a huge animal lover! I have way to many pets but they are like my children! I love them all so much people truly can not understand! So we adopted Viper last July from Colorado Rocky Mountain Great Dane Inc. and I love her so MUCH! She has been the best dog ever! Well she came to us with rotten teeth and several lumps. There were 2 really big lumps one on her front paw and one on her back thigh. The lump on her foot started to grow in January. Finally it grew so big that I could not take it anymore and I scheduled her surgery. I was so nervous, I could not even sleep! She is 9 years old and that is really old for her breed. But she has been in perfect condition no health problems except her teeth. So I worried and stressed all weekend before her surgery, praying that she would do okay with the anesthesia. So last Monday she had her teeth cleaned and 6 lumps removed. 4 hours of anesthesia and I was a wreck!! I did not place her IV, draw her blood, NOTHING! I could not even watch! Her teeth were really bad, she had 10 bonded sealant, gum surgery, and dental radiographs done. Then her lumps were taken off via laser. She woke up wonderfully, and had really good blood pressure/heart rate. I was so relieved when it was over. Well we sent off the lumps for a histopathology, they came back cancerous. I was sick to my stomach all over again. After all that she has cancer. Well the pathologist said that her mass on the thigh needed additional tissue taken off, so she had surgery again today. Hopefully we got all the cancerous tissue this time and I can rest a bit. She is such a good dog and she is worth every penny we spent! She is doing well she recovered from her surgery very quickly today and is resting in my office right now!

One of her Tumors!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dirt Bike fun in

Cherry Creek!

This weekend was so nice! The weather was amazing! We did some work in our yard, I love working in my yard! I can't wait to plant flowers, I have never done it before so I hope they live! I washed my car and got it all squeaky clean. Then we decided to go out to Cherry Creek to see Jory's family. We took Viper so that she could get out and burn some energy. We drove my car out of course just after I washed it! Yep it was covered in dust! I love going out there, we have not been for a really long time! Jory's cousins Jessie and Justin are getting really good on their dirt bikes! So when we got there Jory and I hopped on a bike and watched them show us all their new tricks! I love riding dirt bikes, I am not very good at it but I still love it! Jory was telling me that he is going to buy me a smaller bike so that I can learn how to ride. Anyways we rode a bit, hung out, and then had to go:( I had to study for my quiz for school so we had to get home. Viper loved it out there, she was not ready to go. So we decided that we had so much fun today, that we are going to go camp out there next weekend! Yay!!!

Jory and his dad Neil

Viper having a BLAST!

Jory lookin SEXY riding the dirt bike!

Jessie jumpin his bike!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Winter Weekend!

This past weekend we went up to Jackson Hole for the RMSHA Snowmobile Hillclimbs. It is so much fun! We have been going for the past 3 years. It is held at the Snow King Resort where my dad works! So every year he gets us rooms at the hotel and we watch the riders all weekend. This year it was really cold and it made it hard to sit there all day. So we brought our snowboards to go snowboarding at the resort. It was so much fun, I love to snowboard. Jory snowboarded all weekend, I didn't go on Friday. He was a true board rat all weekend. Jory's sister Morgan and her friend Abby where there with Neil. They boarded all weekend too! We boarded Saturday with Onna and Travis. It was Onna's first time and she did really good! The next day we decided to ski as a family, which we have not done in 13 years!!! I am so glad that we did! Mom and Dad rented skis and we all headed out for the afternoon. Mom was so nervous, she thought that she wouldn't remember how. She was a pro, no worries she did great! Her and dad are really good skiers so I knew they would have no problem! They even hit a black diamond run! It was fun, Onna's brother Darren and her sister Misti and her boyfriend came too! We had a great time, I am glad we got to spend it together. It is funny because we went to watch the Hillclimbs but it ended up being a ski weekend instead! We did go to the Big Air Show and watched all the free style snowmobilers, they are amazing! All in all it was another good weekend!