Monday, April 5, 2010

So St. Geezy was amazing!!!! We rarely take a vacation that is relaxing but this one was just perfect!! Jory, myself and Jessica drove down Friday afternoon and no worries I slept the entire way. When we got there we met up with our friends from down there, Bobby and Kale. We ate at Samurai wasn't the best sushi we've had but it was okay. After dinner we just went to Kales house and hung out for a bit. Bobby came back to the hotel with us for a sleepover and we got up the next day and went hiking up Snow Canyon. It was a fun short hike then we decided to hit the pool up. We all fell asleep next to the pool, it was so nice ! That night we went to dinner at Texas Road House then went back to the hotel with Andre:) Sunday we got Starbucks and chilled @ Kales house for most of the day playing basketball. We didn't want to come home it was a great weekend and it was even better hangin with friends that we haven;t seen in forever!!
Sexy Sexy Sexy
J and Bob O'

Me and Jess....we are quite the cavers;)

Me and J Boy

All of us in the BiG CaVe

I love them!!
Let the madness begin......

Bobby was the he raced to the top of this mountain

Me and J chillin at the hotel
Gotta love the bed we slept in lol....J looks hot in the morning
Me and Jess gettin ready to leave:(
My HoT hubby and myself Loves me some J Boy