Sunday, May 23, 2010

SnOw DaY......

For some reason I could not move my pics under my I guess we will go backwards:)

My sweet PiNk BB gun that I bought!

Yep! The Testy Festy....Me and J Boy went to this last weekend, it was pretty much amazing LOL!

So we decided to head to the parents place this weekend......they like to call it God's Country.....I say to hell with that!! It freakin snowed all weekend, not just a few flakes, a full on blizzard! It still was a really great weekend. I love going home and spending time with my parents, they are the BEST! There definately is not a dull moment.........EVER. My parents bought us tickets to the Sportmens Banquet, I had never been to the one in Wyoming but it was a GREAT time!! I loved every second of it. I got to participate in my first ever live auction, I was pretty stoked about it....really. I bid on a .410/22 gun but was out bid........DANG IT! Then I bid on a PiNk BB gun and ta'da I got it!!! We had a delicious dinner...Prime Rib and lot's of laughs. No one won anything but we figured that's the Blackett Curse haha. We did a ton of loungin and watching Man Tracker. If you have not watched Man Tracker it is a MUST. Soooo good, we are totally playin Man Tracker this summer in the mountains. I think I'll take my PiNk BB gun along lol! It was a great weekend, thanks Mom and Pa, I LoVe you both soooo much!! Muah!