Monday, December 15, 2008


We just got back! Yep Jory and I went down to Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and we had a BLAST! Jory and I go every year together and always have a great time! We stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel and Bob, Jody and the boys were stayin there too! Here are some fun pics from our weekend.Jesse boy in the dummy ropin!

He caught on all 3 trys so that put him in the finals for the next day. Unfortunately while he was roping in the finals he stepped on the line and got disqualified. All I can say is lucky for the other kids cause Jesse is so stinkin GOOD! Good Job Jess!

This is Me, Jody and Bobby at Binion's eatin Shrimp cocktails! It's funny we end up there every year for shrimp cocktails with them, I think we are starting a new tradition!

Jory and I on Freemont street with the cool light show above us!

Jory being a tard! This was at the Toby Keith Bar hence the dorky hat!

Okay my new favorite place! This is the aquarium at the Bass Pro Shops in the Silverton Lodge and Casino. Oh my goodness it was so neat! The Bass Pro Shop is awesome, you have to check it out if you have never been! And the Silverton Lodge was was gorgeous and has tons of neat things to check out! We have never stayed there but we are for sure going to next time!
At the Bass Pro Shop

Can you see the Elk behind us?? Ha we were tryin to fit em in but they are freakin huge!

This was probably one my best highlights besides the rodeo! This is in the Silverton Lodge at one of the cafes. It's mini bowling in a airstream trailer! Oh my it was so much fun! We were laughing the entire time! You have these tiny little bowling balls and the lanes are so short!

Jory always WINS!

This ally was just my size':)

Okay so the BEST part of our weekend was the Rodeo! We went on the final night and had AMAZING seats thanks to Neil! Oh my goodness we LOVED it! We sat 3rd row right in the center of the arena! I can't even tell you how awesome it was! We got some good pics but our camera was dyin so sorry about the blurry ones!
Trevor Knowles steer wrestling

Trevor Brazil heading and Patrick Smith healing! Trevor Brazil one the all around, he is amazing!

This is Wes Silcox from Payson. We talked to his girlfriend Amanda earlier in the day at the Silverton Lodge, she said he had been sick all day with the flu! Plus he is just getting back from a broken leg and he had been roughed up all week! He was close on this bull but didn't make the whistle!

Steve Wolsey from Spanish Fork

The buckle and awards ceremony after the rodeo, that was fun to watch Jory and I have never been to the final night before so we were pretty pumped!

Me and J

This was just right in front of our seat!

Jory and I in the Thomas and Mack Center for the NFR!

Happy Sumo and Temple Square

So my little Bro and his girly Onna are living in Logan right now, so I decided that we should start having a date night once a month and meet in the middle since they NEVER come to see us! Anyways Trav and Onna drove down and met us in Salt Lake to do dinner and see the Temple lights! It was a lot of fun and of course I will take any chance to see them, I love to be with them both! Neither of them have driving much in a busy place like SL so Onna was freaking out trying to get there and Trav was not a very good director so it was interesting and funny trying to explain it all to them. Jory and I had to wait FOREVER for them to finally arrive at Happy Sumo. It was okay thought cause we ordered lots of yummy appetizers! We had a great night and I can't wait for our next date night!Trav and Onna at Happy Sumo!

Jory and I

Temple Square was fun, it was really COLD! I wanted to go on a carriage ride but no one else was with me so we just walked around and checked it all out!

Grant, Onna and I
The lights were so awesome to bad it was hard to enjoy them cause we were freezing to death!

Me and J