Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shoot I'm Getting Old!!!

Well Mom and Dad came down last weekend to celebrate Me and Jory's Birthdays. We had a great time. Saturday we got up early and went up Santaquin Canyon to shoot clay pigeons with Neil. Jorys grandma and grandpa came up and Joell and Zack were there too! We have not all been shooting together in a long time. We shot over 300 clays in Neils new fancy thrower. Trav and Dad were showing me how to load Jorys gun and they made me smash my thumb! Thats what I get for listening to a bunch of idiots! After shooting we went to Fat Cats to go bowling. Jim, Laurie, Brad, Kim, and Kaleb met us over there. I don't even remember the last time we went bowling together. We had a BLAST! Jim brought his antique bowling ball that was my great grandpas. I was dying it was so OLD it even had the antique case to carry it in! It was funny but pretty neat. Jim is a really good bowler and of course the boys were all makin betts on the games. They piled there money on the table and went to town. Jim won all the games but Dad and Jory gave him a run for his money. Of course we had to eat at the one and only Lacasita! It was so GOOD! Jim and Laurie have the Wii so we went and played that after dinner. I am pretty sure that I have a problem, I am ADDICTED to the Wii! We played darts, skiball and basketball. I love it! Not as much as gutiar hero though. I am sure I could play the Wii all night. Sunday morning we got up and went to breakfast at One Man Band in Santaquin and then my parents had to leave. I love when my family comes to town, we always have so much fun! The weekend was perfect, it was the BEST birthday I have ever had! Jory's birthday is this weekend and we are going to St. George to spend it with his Mom. Then next weekend we fly out for our cruise! Busy month, but I am so excited!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Last weekend we had some friends over for dinner and games. It was fun to just relax and hang out! We are still trying to recover from the Holidays! I cooked Sour Cream Chicken, Yummy Potatoes, Artichoke Dip and Brownies! I have to say it was really good ( i know what my family is thinking; I CANT cook!) I can't believe everything worked out and tasted so good! After we ate we played battle of the sexes and the guys killed us! Icould not believe it! We brought out the shocker game and that is always entertaining. We had a good time just hanging out, we love having our friends over for parties.