Sunday, December 19, 2010


Jory's dad took all the kids to Cabo for Thanksgiving for a week. The hotel we stayed at was gorgeous but not all that fun haha. The pool was freezing cold and they had NO hot tubs....whats wrong with them! Still it was a good time and we got to do some much needed relaxing. Here are a couple of pics from our adventures.

Abby, Callan, Jace and Morg chillin the the pool.
Me and Jace havin a little beach time
Jory and I on the yacht getting ready to go out fishing
Jory and his padre
Abby, Morg and I hanging out at the Office
Jor and I gettin some delightful Coconut Shrimp
Zac, Jo, Neil, Jor, Callan and Jaci

Ridin to dinner

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So I was so so so freakin excited to hear that it was snowing at home while we were in Cabo! Ha most people think we are insane but we LOVE the snow! Unfortunately just because it had snowed we could not go snowboarding because Sundance had not opened yet. Thankfully with more snow it finally opened! Jory and I went up opening weekend but the back mountain was still closed and of course the snow was not that wonderful:( However they opened the back mountain this last weekend and we all decided to head up on Saturday. The snow still wasn't

great but good enough to have a good time. I seriously LOVE to snowboard. I did however find out that I am completely out of shape.....ugh! Luckily my foot is feelin much better with the screw out.... so I guess now would be a good time to get in shape?? Oh hell I hate being fat and out of shape it really BLOWS!
Trav finally can buy his own that means I'm getting OLD. So of course we loaded up and filled all our pockets with cans. Can't you tell in the next picture, my coat would almost not zip up. Jory had one in his pant pocket which decided to explode on one of our looked like he peed his pants:) Thank goodness for waterproof pants or he would have been one cold boy!

Havin a little fun at the lodge
It was a pretty good day as far as weather goes. There was a little fog up high earlier in the day but for the most part sunny skies. At this point in the day my legs were on FIRE. I didn't think I was going to make it down the mountain let alone another run. Thankfully Jesse and Justin came and found us and took us to play on some jumps they had found. Jory likes to race down the legs not so much.

It was a fun day and I can not WAIT to do it all winter long!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Catching Up

Here is the latest happening......

1. Jory and I just got back from was fun but I would have rather had Thanksgiving with my family. We have been out of town for Thanksgiving for the last 2 years.
2. Had my final surgery on my foot! Hardware is removed, snowboarding here I come!
3. Jory and I indulged and bought ourselves season passes to Sundance. We can not wait to go!
4. My family is coming to stay at our house for Christmas! I can't wait to see them!
5. I have not bought a Christmas tree yet......better get on that!
6. We just barely took down our Halloween decorations, I know we are total SLACKERS!
7. I am attempting to make my first quilt with the help of my aunt Laurie. I'm sure she is regretting her decision.
8. Jory's truck is broken and I truly hate it! Hopefully he can get it working and trade the bugger in!
9. Hoss came to visit and he wasn't here long enough! I miss him so much everyday, I hope he will come home for the Christmas but you never know with him.....
10. Travy turned 21 finally! We took him out to Tavernacle and spent the night in SLC. Then we partied the night away with my parents out in Wendover. It was such a great time, I don't remember when I had that much fun last!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oregon part 2.......

So I have so many freakin pictures so sorry for the overload but I really have a problem. I take sooooo many and then I can't choose which ones to post! I'm leaving out so many good ones but hey what do ya do? These didn't upload in order so sorry about the randomness. This pic is of Jory when we first arrived in Newport. This was the first and only night we stayed in a hotel. We came to this spot to see a lighthouse but it was already closed for the day:(

Newport again
When it's just the two of ya you get a lot of pictures like this......
Boiler Bay
I'm not sure why but I was so surprised that Oregon had dunes....not sure if I just thought it was a Utah/Idaho thing but we discovered this dune in the middle of nowhere! I think that it's so crazy that you are driving along the ocean and in this thick forest area and BOOM there are dunes lol! I totally want to go ride right next to the ocean one day!
If you have pets and like to travel with them then go to OR. It is one of the biggest pet friendly states ever. Rickster got this cute hoodie and one of the doggy boutiques we stopped at. Love the tongue, it's always hangin out haha!

We did a little wine tasting while driving through Nehalem Bay. Oh boy they were all so delightful but we bought the Huckleberry Wine. We are going to try and save it for our next anniversary but I'm not sure if I can withhold until then!!
This was the first cool beach we stopped at called Hug Point. It was beautiful and quiet! Most of the beaches and towns you stop in are busy and crowded. I think this was still early enough that most people weren't up and movin yet. Sleeping in a car isn't the comfiest so you wake up at the butt crack of dawn!
My two favorite men! So cute!
Hug Point

J Boy @ Hug Point. The beach had cool caves and waterfalls
This is on the beach in Seaside bright and early. Seaside was a darling little town, one that I would want to go back and stay in. We tried to go to the Aquarium on the beach but it wasn't open that early so we walked the beach and found treasures.

J and his Sand Dollars he found!
I love this pic! He's so freaking HOT! Nice bum babe!
This is in Seaside. We walked the shops on main and got to see all the neat old cars that rolled into town for the car show.
On the pier in Astoria. There were so many cute little boats like this one chuggin along the river. Astoria had gorgeous gorgeous views in every direction. Definitely a beautiful place to visit.
Me and Ricky chillin
Astoria at the lighthouse.
Gettin some love on top of the lighthouse! Ha love it!!!
I still have MORE pictures to come haha!! Sorry if your sick of Oregon but I loved every second of it so I have to post the rest of the pics!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 1 and 2 of Oregon....

So J and I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary on a 5 day road trip in Oregon. It was seriously so freakin fun. We did it true road trip style and made a bed in the back of my car and slept there 3 of the 4 nights. We left from Utah, headed through Idaho and up to the bottom of Washington, then down through the Oregon Coast into California. It was quiet the adventure. The first day was just drive drive drive. We slept in Boise at the Shilo Inn parking lot. It sucked so bad because the sprinklers went off in the middle of the night and blasted the crap out of my car. It was like trying to sleep through a hurricane. The next day we headed out and finally reached Oregon and Washington. We drove through some really cute little cowboy towns like Baker and Pendleton. Jory got a nice hefty speeding ticket while on our way.....$287.00. Ya he was pretty excited about it. When we reached the Washington/Oregon border the views started to get much better. We followed the Columbia River all the way up, which was really interesting. Our rivers here are tiny compared to that river. They have huge cargo ships that travel up and down the river exporting goods. On the way to our first stop we went throught the Columbia River George area. We stopped at Multnomah Falls which were AMAZING. By far the best waterfalls I have ever seen. It was pouring rain so we didn't do the full hike but we did go to the middle bridge to take some pics. Our first real day of site seein was in Astoria. It's a real old town with Victorian style homes. Seriously so cute. We went to a light house there were we could look over the whole river. Then we went down and walked the pier checking out some of the shops. It was late so there wasn't a whole lot to do. There is a huge bridge that went on for miles across the opening of the river to Washington. We took a stroll out there to check things out....there was nothing on the other side lol. After driving through most of Astoria we headed to the next town called Seaside. Seaside was a quaint little town right on the beach. It's full of tourist shops and restaurants. We finally got some dinner at around 10:00 and then pulled into a hotel parking lot to catch some ZZZZZZZ. More pictures to come of Astoria and Seaside.......