Sunday, October 26, 2008

HoRsE RiDe

So I suck at posting these days! Here are some pictures from last month when Jory, Wayne, Andy and I went up Santaquin Canyon for a horse ride. It was really fun to hang out and see some beautiful country. Jory even rode a mule for Wayner.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I was tagged by Adrie and Maclee so here it goes!

Eight favorite TV shows:

1. Sons of Anarchy
2. ER
3. The Office
4. The Hills
5. Days of our Lives ( i know it's pathetic but I can't help myself I tivo it!)
6. Real World/Road Rules Challenge
7. Army Wives
8. CSI (Vegas)

Eight favorite Restaurants:

1. Ruby River!!!
2. LaCasita
3. Ottavios (sp??)
4. Happy Sumo
5. Hickory Kist
6. Model A Cafe
7. Little Acorn
8. Hunan City

Eight things I did yesterday:

1. Worked
2. Organized my shoes
3. Painted my laundry room
4. Posted pics on my blog
5. Cooked dinner
6. Laundry
7. Shaved my legs
8. Played with my dogs

Eight things I love about fall:

2. Cold weather ( I am probably the only girl in America who could live in the snow all year long)
3. Sweaters
4. Halloween
5. The leaves changing colors
6. Holidays are almost here
7. The yummy smells
8. Snow is just around the corner

Eight things I look forward to:

1. Being with my family
2. Vacations
3. Paychecks
4. The rifle hunt
5. Weekends
6. Graduating
7. Starting a family
8. The Holidays

Eight things on my wish list:

1. To go to Austrailia
2. For my dogs to be trained and calm!
3. To go on more family vacations
4. Travel the world
5. For my family to be happy and healthy
6. To live near my parents one day
7. Live happily ever after
8. Start a animal rescue

Eight people I tag:

1. Ashlyn
2. Melanie
3. Libby
4. JaAnn
5. Ashley Monteer
6. Andrea
7. Brittany Davis
8. Brittney Blackett

Monday, October 13, 2008


Jory and I went to Puerto Vallarta, MX for our honeymoon. It was so beautiful, we loved it! This was a view of the mountain out of our hall window at the hotel. It was funny Jory and I flew out so early in the morning so when we arrived to the hotel we went to our room and fell asleep. We arrived at 2:00 in the afternoon.........don't worry that we slept until the next day!
This is the view out of our room. We stayed at the Dreams hotel.

When its just the two of you, you get lots of pics like this:)
And this

The beach was surrounded by awesome cliffs on both sides.
This is what we did with most of our time......lounge on the beach and drink lots of cervesa's!
This was on the beach in downtown Puerto Vallarta.

Jory and I were hangin in the hammock and decided to play with the camera. Jory took this neat pic of us.
Oh man those are some SEXY helmets:) This was on our ATV tour. It was so stinkin fun!
Freaky hu! Jory told me to come check this out while we were stopped at the waterfall on our tour. I was so freaked out after this. Creepy crawly all day long!
While on our tour we went to a tequila tasting stop where we learned how tequila was made and tasted some of the different flavors. There were some really good ones so Jory and I bought the Pina Colada flavor.
Beautiful views

Jory with his sweet bandanna!
During our tour we cross this river many times. We were soaked from head to toe and muddy! It made it so much more fun to get muddy.
At our hotel they have a turtle conservation program were they release baby turtles that are born that day into the ocean. They kinda look freaky when they are little. They are pure black in color.
While taking pictures you have to turn the flash off on your camera because the flash will blind the babies. I had to rub my hands in the sand so I had no other scent but the sand on them. They say the turtles will sense the smell and come back to the beach to lay eggs.
Jory and I did some sea kayaking at the hotel.
As you see by my face the waves fly you back in to the shore. I was just praying that we didn't turn side ways because we had been watching people all day come in and biff it on shore!

This was at the front of the hotel on our way to dinner.
Jory and I had a very nice and romantic dinner and then walked the beach was the perfect night!
Just goofin with the camera again!
The airplane ride home. We were sad to leave but ready. I missed my kids! We had a pretty scary ride home on our first plane. My suggestion is to never fly with mexican airlines and don't go to the Mexico airport. We came very close to crashing on our landing and then almost missed our flight in Mexico City! We had a blast and took so many other pics that I just don't have time to post.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Last Halloween

So Jory and I are getting ready for the BIG day! We love Halloween and always have fun making costumes each year. Last year we were trailer park KEN and BARBIE. We found that Jory is really talented with puff paint:) I bought this awful beer tee shirt at Walmart in a 2XL and made it into a dress. Jory as you can see made good with a pair of his wranglers! I have to say he does have nice legs! he he! This was a pic from Jaci and Callans Halloween party, I am excited to post pics of our new costumes for this year!!

Who are YOU???

I'm a Esme! I found out through Which Twilight Female Are You? Take the quiz and find out!
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Thursday, October 2, 2008


Our wedding was FABULOUS if I do say so myself:) Everything just fell in to place and went super smooth! It was a very emotional weekend.........anyone who knows me knows that I am the biggest cry baby, I cry about everything! You will be able to tell in most of my pictures, my eyes are swollen and red. For those of you who don't know my daddy married Jory and I. He got ordained online and did a wonderful job. It made our day even that more special, he said so many fun things about us that made us laugh and cry . Jory and I said our own vows to each other.......yes it made us both super nervous!:) I was sweating and ready to pass out right before the ceremony started, plus bawling my eyes out! We were married in my parents front yard and had dinner and dancing at the silo close by. I loved every second of the entire day! I have so many pictures that I will have to make a few posts but here are some for now! I just want to thank my parents for all thier hard work in preparing for the big event. They did so much with the yard and all the planning so thanks so much, I could have not done it with out you! I love you! And of course Jory's parents, thank you for everything! Mindi and Donovan did our video and it turned out so beautiful and Neil and Jo pulled up chairs and all of our stuff. So thank you Neil, Jo, Mindi and Donovan for everything we love you! And a big thanks to everyone who came and made the long drive to share our special day with us! I wish that we could have invited everyone!