Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I loVe VilLiPoTo!!!!

Supercross was a blast!! Even though it rained we still made the best of it! I was pumped that Reed lost but bummed that Villipoto didn't win. I loved it.....I wish we were going to Vegas this weekend...oh well maybe next year! Here are some soggy pics from our cold, wet but fun night!
Ponchos....lookin good I know!
Lando, Luke and Casey

The sun came out for a very small minute
The Track
Me and J just tryin to stay warm

Trav, Onna, J, Me, Luke, Ashley, Whitney, Collin, Landon, Casey, Brett, and Mel

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dead Horse

Jory and I went to Moab for a little weekend getaway. It was so much fun, we just relaxed and did whatever we wanted. I have a favorite Mexican restaurant that I love love love in Moab....La Hacienda, oh so delicious you gotta try it! We hiked Dead Horse Point and took a gorgeous drive. Saturday night we bought a bottle of wine that was made in Moab and went back to the trailer, well we then realized that we didn't have a cork screw or cups!! Haha I know we are retarded!! So we headed to the local grocery store and bought plastic wine glasses and a cork screw. It was so funny, but it will be a memory we will never forget! The weather was beautiful, we had such a great time, we got to spend some time outdoors and made lots of great memories!! And of course I take a million pictures when we go anywhere so here are a few of them LOL...I know I have a problem!

Hangin in the trailer just relaxing
The start of our hike
Me and the big girl!
It was so beautiful there! The weather was perfect for hiking!
I was a bit nervous for the families who had small children with them cause there were no fences off these huge cliffs!!!

Look at my SEXY hubby! Love him!!!
This is my favorite pic! We can never get Viper to look at the camera and have her ears stand up!
We had such a blast together! We didn't want to come home!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Go JaZz!!!

So I had to post some pics from the game we went to a few weeks ago. We had AMAZING floor seats to the Jazz vs Knicks game. Oh my it was SO much FuN!!! Even better we WoN that night!! Yeah go JaZz!!!

Yep I'm Still Alive......Easter Weekend!

So I know that I suck at keeping this thing updated but I will try to be better. Well we went to the dunes Easter weekend, it was great fun! We are so busy these days I swear we never sit for 2 seconds! We headed out with Jory's dad, my brother and a bunch of friends to chill for a few days. It was nice to relax and have nothing to do for a few days. I hope everyone had a great Easter we missed all the rest of our families that we could not be with!

Me, Trav and Erica
Me and my cute hubby!

Erica and Jesse

Easter morning! We camped right at the base of Sand Mountain it was a blast!

Dre trying to impress the ladies.....;)

My sexy husband!

Erica and Jesse

Trav, J, Clay, Jesse and Erica

Saturday it rained and was a bit chilly but we still had fun!

J and Trav trying to stay warm

Me and my cute little bro!

Trav, me, Erica, Jory, Andy and Wayne

So cute aren't they LOL!
Riding up Sand Mountain, don't worry I think I broke my back on the whoops at the bottom!! They were BIG!!!
At the top of Sand Mountain at night
Ty keepin it interesting....haha he was pretty entertaining!

Jason, Jory and Clay at camp
We all look a little tired.....haha we didn't sleep much!
Jesse, Erica, Jory (not my Jory:), me and Trav

Travis was pretty stoked to ride in this bad boy! Jory, Ty and Trav all got a special scared the crap out of me just to watch them!!