Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wedding Announcements

So I need everyones addresses for our wedding announcements. If you would email me your address that would be wonderful! My email address is Thanks a bunch...... we are getting really excited!

BeEs GaMe!

Well I have so many things to post but no time to do it!! Here are some pics from the past weekend. Jory and I went to the Bees game with Bob and Jody and some friends. It was so HOT! It felt good at first but when you become drenched in sweat........not so attractive. We had a blast, and wished we did it more often. Thanks Bob and Jody!

Bob and Jody

Me and J

The Gang

Our Weekend With Hoss

Hoss came to visit for the weekend! Yay!! We love him so much.......and we never get to see him. So Wess got married on August 15th and Hoss was the best man, so he came and stayed with us for a few days. We had so much fun! The boys had a small bachelor party at our house which was pretty entertaining if I do say so myself:) I am pretty much one of the guys so......yes I was at the bachelor party! Anyways Jory and I had our bridal pictures on Saturday night in Fillmore so that kinda took up any plans for Saturday. Hoss stayed home and spent some time with his sis. That night when we got back we went up Pole Canyon on the 4-wheelers with Jesse and Hoss. Lets just say that night was pretty entertaining and completely inappropriate!! What can I say that's just how I like's why I love these guys so much, they keep me laughin! Here are a few random pics from the weekend. J and HossBoys will be boys

Jesse, Hoss and Jory


Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here are our some of our engagement pictures! Caralyn Brook was our photographer and she is AMAZING!!!!! If you ever need a photographer we highly recommend her.......she is GREAT! Hope you like em as much as we do!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sunday in the Park!

So Jory and I went up Hobble Creek Canyon to Sunday in the park. My uncle Jim's band was playing up there this year, so a lot of my family was there. We stayed all day and it was a blast! We had a nice steak dinner and danced and listened to the music. They had a pretty good car show this year too! None of us were winners for the raffle drawings but we still had a great time! I think Jory and I will make it tradition to go every year!!!Bridger and Jory
Brittney and Me
Rock Daddy!
Brit and Jeremy
Jimmy Boy
Me and J
Scurve and Kerry
Brad, Kaleb and Kim

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So Jory and I created a co-ed softball team this year!! I am super excited! We played last year with some friends of ours and had a blast!!! So we decided to make our own team this year. We just picked up our shirts (they got the wrong color but we took em anyways) and now we are ready to roll! We have our first coaches meeting on Tuesday and then games should start not to long after. Central Utah Sheetmetal is our proud sponsor, that is Jory's dad's company. Thanks Neil for your support. I am pretty excited.........lets just hope that we don't suck! I will keep you posted as to how well we do, I am sure we will be city CHAMPS!!!:)

Friday, August 1, 2008


So we decided to go to Lake Powell again over the 24th. It was so much fun, I truly did not want to come home. We went to Bull Frog this time which was fun for me because that is where I always went as a child! This trip we went with some good family friends so there was a bunch of us! We camped out on the beach, our spot was not much of a beach more like a sandy cliff!!:) We stayed in Neils boat which was nice because it has air conditioning. One day we went out to Forgotten Canyon with everyone and hung out, it was a blast! I want to go back already, Powell is always a good vacation!
Captian Jaci
Perfect Morning!

Jory took this neat pic of Jaci with me in the background.

Me and Jace acting like dorks! We got a ton of funny pics!

Nothing like a cold Margarita on a hot day!


Neil, Jace and Jo (don't worry that I started the whole head band thing and then it kinda stuck with everyone for the rest of the trip!)

This is our good friend Ty, missing is his other half Kass! wink wink!

Trouble, Trouble and more Trouble!!!

Captain and Co-Captain. (dont tell neil but I think Jo may be better at driving the boat then him!)
Sadie and Zach

Jory and I in Forgotten Canyon
Neil, Kyle and Jace

Me and J took the boys out for a wakeboarding session!

Ty, Jory, Kass, Me and Jaci



Jory Dee attempting a front flip

Me on the ski
Abby, Victoria, and Casey (pop tart)