Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Okay so I totally suck at updating the blog......not enough time these days. Here is a summary of the latest happenings. I will TRY to get pictures posted but not makin any promises lol.

1. Jory just got over the flu....I am pretty sure I should never have kids because I can't bring myself to help clean after my loving husband. The smell KILLS me!
2. Me and J celebrated our 2 year anniversary. We took a 5 day road trip to Oregon, it was beautiful and we had so much fun.
3. We finally got our backyard only took us 5 years to do it! Our fence will be finished next week!
4. I am already planning and buying shiz for my Halloween party. I LOVE Halloween, it should happen every month.
5. We spent some time with Neil, Jo, Jace and Callan in Lake Powell over Labor Day weekend. I can never get enough of Lake Powell it truly is heaven on earth.
6. I have gained 6 pounds :( My new goal is to get back to working out everyday. I want to lose some much needed pounds for our Cabo trip in November.
7. I have to have another surgery to remove the screw in my foot in November. I can't wait because it's causing me constant pain.
8. Our softball team still sucks this year. We have only won 2 games this season. It's definitely an improvement from last year when we won ZERO games. At least we have a blast playing.
9. We are going to Wyoming this weekend to see my parents and spend the weekend in Yellowstone Park. It's gorgeous at this time of year and my dad is an expert at getting the bulls to bugle. So neat!
10. We attended Baby Krew and Baby Aydree's blessing over the weekend. Congratulations Jaci and Callan and Luke and Ashley, you have the most adorable babies EVER!

I really am going to make it a goal to update this thing at least once a month. Wish me luck! Hope everyone is great....miss you all!