Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our Weekend for Thanksgiving!

Jory and I spent Thanksgiving in Fillmore with his family this year. Here are some pics from our weekend. It was a blast! Sorry they are so late!Bobby, Johnse, Brittany, Marci, Jory and Jodi. On our 4 wheeler trip up the canyon. It was cold but fun, I had never been up there before so I loved it!

Jody and Bob

Jory and I ready to go!
This was my favorite night! After Thanksgiving dinner we went out to the hot pots in Fillmore. They were so neat! We all just chilled, relaxed and stayed warm!

When we got there someone had already been there before us and built a nice fire. I am not sure who owns the property but they dive down and keep the hot pots cleaned out so they are nice and clean when you get in. Also they didn't smell!

Jaci, Me, Britt and Mindi after our yummy Thanksgiving dinner!

Neil, Callan and Jory

Okay this was so funny, Jory was jumpin on the PoGo stick ( might I add that it was a antique PoGo stick ) and he was showin off doing tricks.......well he biffed it and went flying in to the hot tub. He even broke the wood at the base of the hot tub! It was so funny, as you can see Jaci and I are busting up! Check out Jaci's blog to see Jory on the PoGo stick it's pretty funny!

Jory and his Mom!

This was me hangin out in the trailer where we slept, there were so many of us that we would not all fit in the house! We even ate Thanksgiving dinner outside under the tents cause we would not fit inside!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Catchin' Up!

So we are having problems with our Internet for the last few months. It works but has been to slow to up-load pics. We run our Internet through T-Mobile because we do not have a land line. Well anyways Jory called and they said they are switching their provider which has caused a lot of problems. However they said it should be resolved soon! Hopefully so I can keep up with all of our pictures! For now I will up-date a few pics at a time.

The deer hunt! Ha I know this is a bit late but like I said I have tons to catch up on. Jory and I both had Central tags this year so we were pretty excited. Last year I did not draw out, which made me pretty bummed. I still went out and helped J though. This year we decided to go up Santaquin Canyon opening morning. We started hiking in the dark with our mag lights. Lets just say that Jory took me straight up a cliff and then I had to come back down it later. It sucked so bad! It would have been well worth it if we were the only ones in that area but unfortunately we were NOT! We ended up in a really good canyon to spot but there were 3 other guys coming from different directions into the canyon. So we headed back down the cliff. Of course me being as graceful as I am I fell big time and about broke Jory's gun that I was packing. I had so pretty sweet bruises though. Later that night we went back up Santaquin Canyon but to a different spot where we saw zero deer. The next few days we went out west on the desert. We saw a ton of does but no bucks. I was so frustrated, we would hike our butts of and see nothing! Anyways Jory went out with all the guys one day while I was working and they saw a couple of nice bucks, Neil and Bob both filled their tags. Jory and I kept at it until the last day.......we just had no luck! That's okay cause we still had so much fun! We love to be outdoors and it is always fun to spend time with someone you love doing something you love. Hopefully next year will bring us more luck!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


So on Friday night all the girls went to twilight together! It was so much fun! We had pre-ordered our tickets on so that we didn't have to worry about tickets selling out. Our movie was the 10:00 movie and we arrived to sit in line at 6:30. Yes we felt like the biggest DORKS but it was fun and well worth it. During our 3 1/2 hour wait we played games and cards together.......and ate delicious hot dog on a stick! It was a blast even if we did look completely ridiculous. The movie was so GOOD, I have to see it again. Jace and I sat next to each other and we kept preparing each other for the end, we were so sad. We decided that the movie should have been 3 or 4 hours long. After it ended we went to Dennys and had some dinner. All in all it was a excellent night, I can't wait to see it again!

Jaci, Alisha, Me, Melanie, Nicole, Ashley, and Libby

The LONG line! When they started letting us in Jaci and I were running like lunatics trying to get in and get a good seat. It was pretty hysterical, I felt like I was 10.
Edward VS JacobGO TEAM JACOB!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Scentsy Party

So I am having a SCENTSY party and hope that you all can come. There are some really good new Fall/Winter scents that lots of people have not smelled yet so I thought it would be a good opportunity for everyone to check it out before CHRISTMAS. All orders will be here before Christmas so if you are thinking of gifts this makes a perfect one! There will be lots of scents to check out and of course some yummy treats so I hope that everyone can stop by and say hello!
Date: December 1st
Time: Open house from 7:00p-9:00p.
Where: Staci's house (if you need directions or my address email me)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

So the girls had a night out and went to Thriller at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake. We go every year together thanks to Shantel. We had a small issue with getting there which made us laugh the entire way. Thanks Onstar! Once we got there we had really fun night I look forward to it every year! Thanks Shantel!

This is the best dance I think!

Molly, Andy, Me, Skeletor, Jaci and Shantel!