Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes......we are ALIVE!

Hello friends! So it's been awhile since I have even looked at this blog let alone update it. I have been so not motivated I guess you could say, but I'm back and ready to re-commit haha! I also have decided to make my blog public again......not sure why I decided that but I did!

So we haven't been up to much since my last post clear from last year! Things have been good at our place! We stayed busy all summer, played as much as we
could. Things are starting to slow down for us now, I don't know what we will do? It drives us crazy to not have something to do. I guess we can start working on all the projects we've been meaning to start, the ones that we say we will do but never have time.... I think I will start a new exercise routine. I have not worked out in a LONG time and I AM a fatty now because of it. Sooooo I think that is going to be my new obsession. Hallelujah!

I will post a couple of pics of what we have been up to in the last year. Like I said nothi
ng to exciting, just the typical summer stuff for us. I hope everyone has been doing fantastic. I am excited to reconnect with my blogging friends! Loads of LOVE xo

We picked up a new hobby this winter. We did a TON of snowshoeing up Santaquin Canyon and at the Nordic Center @ Sundance. We bought season passes and it included the Nordic Center so we were pretty stoked on that!
Of course we did a whole bunch of this! Our FAVE hobby!All my girlfriends are having sweet babies! I love all their babes mucho!
We didn't do as much boating as we would have liked to but we st
ill made a couple lake trips to Yuba, Powell, Bear Lake and good ol' Utah Lake

We went to Yellowstone with my parents and had the most amazing
weekend trip! We stayed in this dive of a hotel in Montana, ate fantastic pizza and beer, and got attacked by a crazy bird!
This was my highlight of the summer! I did my first ever overnight backpacking trip! Don't ask me how I survived with all these boys! This is something I have wanted to do my entire life. I guess you could say I crossed it off my bucket list. Seriously was so much fun. We are talking about doing another one here soon, and maybe one in early winter. I can not wait!

Jory and I got away together for a relaxing weekend in Denver. We've been there before but we just love that city! And of course we had to go to a Rockies game while we were there, Seth Smith is just as sexy in person as he is on TV! We had a great weekend together and made some really great memories that we will never forget!

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Ashley and Josey said...

Those are some cute pics! Looks like a exciting year. So gald to see a post. It's been way to long since we've got together, we'll have to try and get together sometime.